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Publisher: KANT, 2008
Language: English / Czech

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The Falling Kingdom takes us to a country in many transformations. The unstable political situation in Nepal has had a major impact on the infrastructure of its society. This book portrays the great diversity between rich and poor, victim and perpetrator. But most of all, it reveals an old country on the doorstep for rapid transformation. The unsentimental photographs made by Olof Jarlbro shows us a Kingdom on its last breath.
The photographer Olof Jarlbro was born in the year 1978 in the town of Helsingborg, south of Sweden. He began photography at the age of twenty and soon decided that he wanted to become a photographer. At the age of 22, he left Sweden for New York to study at the International Center of photography and a couple of years later, moved to Prague to study at FAMU-The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Currently he works as a freelance photographer for numerous magazines and his work are widely exhibited throughout Europe.
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